Pug Puppies For Sale in Georgia and Beyond

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All of our puppies come with a four-week return guarantee and a one-year genetic health guarantee, two wormings and first puppy shot with proof.


If you do not see the pug of your dreams below, contact us and let us know what you are looking for because we might just have it!   

Cocoa and Moody Blue are expecting late June


Lady Blue and Sterling are expecting early August


Bella and Sterling are parents

April 22, 2021

All Puppies are Spoken For






Edward, black male pug puppy, is pending adoption by

The Colley Family in Atlanta, GA


Bella, white female pug puppy, is pending adoption by

Elizabeth Howard in Atlanta, GA


     Jacob, platinum male pug puppy, is pending adoption by

The Benson Family in GA


Carlisle, fawn male pug puppy, is pending adoption by

The Henson Family in Monroe, GA


    Esme, reverse brindle female pug puppy, is pending adoption by

Michelle Dupree in Locust Grove, GA


       Emmett, chinchilla male pug puppy, is pending adoption by

The Luther Family in Clayton, GA


Sam, chinchilla male pug puppy, is pending adoption by

The Mahaffey Family in Stockbridge, GA


We are convenient to North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. 
We breed several colors to include apricot, fawn, black, chocolate, platinum, white, chinchilla, and merle. 
We plan to add a panda or two to our rare colors soon.
Did you know Blue Ridge Pugs is located in Robbinsville, NC and is only three hours from Atlanta, GA? Over 98% of our adopters come from Georgia!
Did you know Blue Ridge Pugs is located in Robbinsville, NC and is only two hours from Knoxville, TN!
Did you know Blue Ridge Pugs is located in Robbinsville, NC and is less than two hours from Asheville, NC and less than four hours from Charlotte, NC?

Just ask any pug and they will tell you

It’s all about the food!

Everyone knows the best way to extend the life of your pug is to make sure it is getting the best nutrition and SAFE dog food.  After two days worth of research, we were amazed at how many dog foods have been recalled from time to time, including some of the higher priced foods.  After reading about so many recalled products, we decided to look for the “short list” of products that have not been recalled.  If you are interested in checking this list out, click on the below link.


We would like to make everyone aware of this major recall since we used Sportmix in the past.  We have converted to Blackwood, which has had no recalls, and it can be found on Chewy.com and Amazon.com.  If you are using Sportmix, please discontinue immediately to ensure you do not have a tainted batch.



To see more of our past puppies and adopters, please click on the below link.

Photo Gallery of Pugs

Molly and Moody Blue welcomed 6 puppies

on January 4, 2021

All Puppies Adopted


Phoebe/Greta, black female, has been adopted by

Christine Lewis in Marietta, GA  


Prue/Olive, fawn female, has been adopted by

Susan Smith in Atlanta, GA


Piper, blue merle female, has been adopted by

Chasity Wallace in Mayesville, SC


 Paige/Molly, fawn female, has been adopted by

Debbie Harris in Woodstock, GA


Poppy/Liza, black female, has been adopted by

Paul & Fabian in Marietta, GA


Penny, fawn female, has been adopted by

The Hubbell Family in Marietta, GA


Ground Transportation Available
We are located in Robbinsville, NC. If you wish to have your pug puppy delivered, please let us know and we will work out the details. We are fortunate enough to have a very conscientious ground pet transporter. 

How to Avoid Puppy Scammers

Puppy scammers are everywhere and some are getting quite proficient at stealing from the innocent, like children who save up hard-earned money to buy their dream puppy.  Here are some things to look for:
Signs Of A Puppy Scam


  • Prices are too good to be true, or the price is negotiable, on sale or at a discounted price
  • Puppy is free if you pay for shipping
  • Seller won’t talk on the phone and only communicates through emails or texts
  • The only way to get the puppy is to have it shipped to you, and you can’t pick it up
  • You must pay by money transfer or prepaid debit card
  • After you make a payment, there are suddenly more expenses (e.g., shipping insurance, vet bills, crate fees, etc.)
  • The seller tells you a sad story about why the puppy is for sale for reasons such as a family hardship, relocation or death
  • If the seller says something like, “We’re not breeders. Our dog just had puppies, so we’re trying to find them a good home.” Red flag that it’s a potential scam.
  • The puppy’s photo is in other ads (discovered when you do a reverse image search)



Adoption fees start at $1,750 for a fawn pug puppy and top out at $2,650 for a merle.  A $350 non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your pug puppy of choice. Deposits are not accepted until the puppy is between four and five weeks old; however, we are glad to put a “hold” on a puppy until that time. We accept cash, or Paypal and major credit cards with a processing fee of 3%. If you wish to use Paypal or a credit card, please let us know. A four-week return guarantee and a one-year genetic health guarantee are provided with your new puppy. Each puppy will also come with a gift bag of goodies to include transition food, dish, collar, blanket, framed picture collage, toys and a new puppy folder with helpful information on training, when to spay or neuter, housebreaking tips, etc. Each puppy will have received age appropriate wormings and puppy shots with proof. Puppies do not go to their new home until they are at least eight weeks old. We do not register any of our puppies but you will be provided with pictures of the parents or the parents will be on site to meet.  We welcome visits to see our facility. We would like to extend a special Thank You  to our troops and their families for your many sacrifices. We here at Discounts for the militaryWe appreciate our VeteransPugs make great friends do not take our freedom for granted. We offer a $100 military discount to adopters. We also offer a repeat adopter discount of $100.