My Story As A Pug Breeder

How I Started As A Pug BreederMy story as a pug breeder started in late 1999 when I brought home an adorable fawn female pug puppy named Patty Cake. She was very special because she came from my sister’s girl Buffy and I helped deliver her. Patty was my first pug and the beginning of a true case of pug addiction! She was the inspiration that got me started as a pug breeder.

Patty had her first litter of seven in 2003 but had a difficult delivery and none of her puppies survived. She got pyometra and had to be spayed within a week of having her puppies. She lived a happy and healthy life until Rainbow Bridge took her at the age of 14 years and 9 months.

My First Love As A Pug Breeder Patty Cake Was A Wonderful Pug Even At The Age Of 14 Patty Was Active

Deciding to try again took a lot of thought and soul searching but here I am 20 years later! Pike Peak Pugs, located in Colorado, was the beginning of my pug breeding business. Pikes Peak Pugs thrived for almost 16 years when I relocated to North Carolina and started up Blue Ridge Pugs. While centrally located to several states, the majority of adopters come from Georgia. Being a small family-owned business, I strive to raise puppies that are happy, healthy, spoiled, and well socialized. It is a priority to ensure these adorable silly little clowns of the canine kingdom and their new families feel blessed finding each other. A quality and reputable pug breeder will always be grateful for making sure each puppy and its family are the perfect match.

Being a true pug enthusiast, the rare colors have always fascinated me as do the mixes that produce the best of two breeds like buggs (pug/Boston terrier), frugs (pug/Frenchie), bruggs (pug/Brussels griffon), and shugs (pug/shih tzu). While AKC accepts only fawns and blacks in the show ring, the many pug colors/patterns include fawn, black, silver, apricot, chocolate, white, chinchilla, cream, pied, panda, brindle, black & tan, chocolate & tan, koi, pink, sable and merle. Photos of our pugs and their happy families can be seen on Precious Pugs Gallery.

How to find the perfect pug breeder

First and foremost when looking for a pug puppy is to beware of scammers. Signs to look for can be seen on my Puppy Scammers page.

The next thing to remember is make sure you are working with a reputable breeder who can provide referrals, testimonies, and pictures of happy families with their new puppies. A reputable breeder

  • will make it easy for you to get in contact with them by providing telephone numbers, email addresses, and they will usually have a well-established website as well
  • will be friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, welcome questions, and provide confident answers
  • will stay current with medical issues, disease control, and continue to educate themselves with regard to the breed because one can never learn too much
  • will welcome you to visit their kennel and see the parents and puppies (you may not be allowed to hold puppies due to the spread of disease but you can at least see them)
  • will not let a puppy go before it is eight weeks old and has proper vaccinations (with proof) and several wormings
  • will provide a written contract outlining the terms and conditions as well as any guarantees being offered (i.e. health guarantee and return guarantee)
  • will specialize in only one or two specific breeds
  • will provide adequate indoor and outdoor living space and keep their dogs in a climate-controlled area

Let me help you find the perfect pug puppy. I have been making families happy and complete with my pugs and would like to have you as another satisfied buyer. I can also help you find the perfect Brussels griffon puppy. This breed was accepted by the AKC in 1910 and is comprised of the pug, affenpinscher, and English toy spaniel. Brussels are affectionate, high energy, very intelligent, sensitive, full of self importance and have a great sense of humor. Pictures left to right are a male smooth-coat adult, a female rough-coat female, and smooth-coat and rough-coat puppies.

Pug Breeder Ga - Yanni Pug Breeder Ga - Mindy Pug Breeder Ga - Brussels

Thank you for your interest in Blue Ridge Pugs and I look forward to working with you to find that perfect pug or Brussels griffon puppy.

Deborah the Pug Whisperer