How To Avoid Pug Puppy Scammers

Puppy scammers are everywhere and some are getting quite proficient at stealing from the innocent. Children who save up hard-earned money to buy their dream puppy are frequent targets. Here are some things to look for:

  1. Prices are too good to be true, or the price is negotiable, on sale or at a discounted price
  2. Puppy is free if you pay for shipping
  3. Seller won’t talk on the phone and only communicates through emails or texts
  4. The only way to get the puppy is to have it shipped to you, and you can’t pick it up
  5. You must pay by money transfer or prepaid debit card
  6. After you make a payment, there are suddenly more expenses (e.g., shipping insurance, vet bills, crate fees, etc.)
  7. The seller tells you a sad story about why the puppy is for sale for reasons such as a family hardship, relocation or death
  8. If the seller says something like, “We’re not breeders. Our dog just had puppies, so we’re trying to find them a good home.” Red flag that it’s a potential scam.
  9. The puppy’s photo is in other ads

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